About mytourapp

What's mytourapp?

mytourapp is a free and advertisement-free mobile guide for Android, iOS and (hopefully soon) Windows Phone.

Tourist attractions? Pub crawl? Shopping Tour?

mytourapp offers the opportunity to prepare holidays in a new way and to experience these. The application bundles all information about sights, excursions and touristy relevant addresses for the most important destinations in the world.

mytourapp is more than a sights app. Our vision is to be the first contact point for tours of all kinds. Pub crawl or shopping tour or travel experiences - everything is possible!

How does it work?

The tours can be created and published by any user. So you can, for example, plan your next trip to Spain, publish it on mytourapp.com, upload to your phone and share with your friends. On this website you can create tours in several languages with audio files and numerous pictures.

Are you a tour guide?

We don't want to be your competitor, we preffer to be your partner!
Become a tour guide and earn money by offering guided tours. If you create and publish tours on our platform, you can offer service as city guide! Do it for FREE. No fees. No Hidden Costs.

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